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Who is Helen Peart?

I live in Northland, New Zealand on a lifestyle property with my animals and work from Home.  I had been involved in net work marketing on and off for about 10 years. But like most of us did not make any money or very little money with a company.

From a broken marriage I had to find a way to make my Internet marketing Business work, or other wise I had to go back to full time work and manage the property on my own.

I tried several online business and all I did was maxed out my credit cards, and put myself under more Stress.  Then one day on facebook my mentor find me and I downloaded the free E-book Success in 10 steps by Michael Dlouhy.   I had some major Ha Ha moments and discovered I had been in some scam business and not 5 pillar companies.  This explained why I was failing and it WASN’T MY FAULT.

Download the e-book Success in 10 Steps if you are struggling in your business or would like to check out are you in a legally or scam business. To truly succeed I suggest you read this book your self and let me know your opinions.

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