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Strees Management Training

Would you like to learn, why some people struggle to keep appointments, are always sick, don’t finish tasks, tasks. Whether this is in families or work place.

Learning about peoples differance personalities will explain why prople do what they do.

If you could learn the skills, this will reduce conflict in the work place and at home.

Are you a

Fun person

Lets be friends

give me the facts

or i want to be in charge?


How does stress affect tour body and your eating habbits?

What toll does this take on your health.


Magic of Prospecting

Prospecting, recruiting do you get nervous or procrastinate about contacting these people. I know I did in the pass. Just been listening to  youtube below and heard “forget about prospecting but think of them as friends.”

When you talk to your friends on the phone you have no problems talking to them what ever. So what is the differences between talking to these new friends. Our prospects are no different than talking to a friend. When my mentor told just think of them as one of my horse friends. It sure made me look at them in a different way. ONLY FRIENDS. We can all do that.


For more information about building new friendships read the book Success in 10 steps.